Exams, pressure and excitement

May was a very strange month for me. Although I only did a couple of time trials, one local circuit race and then the North West Tour, it was quite an exciting month. I started my GCSEs which are really testing me, but cycling is proving to be the best method of coping. Not only... Continue Reading →

First international race

April. Well what a month. Lots of racing from local races to my first women's national and to racing in Belgium lets say it’s been crazy but also one of the best. The first weekend saw some local regional races. One was Hog with the occasional hill which as someone who loves Hog Hill now... Continue Reading →

Bike Review – Liv Envie

Now before any one thinks I have been made to write a review on the Liv Envie I haven’t. I am writing this off my own back. I used to swear by a certain Belgium bike brand up until this year. I used to have this conception that Liv bikes were just the easiest female... Continue Reading →

End of the cyclocross season

It’s been a month since I went down to Giant Docklands with the rest of the team to collect our lovely new bikes and our temporary kit (official kit arrives in the next week so keep an eye out for that!). In the last month there have been some massive lows but also some massive... Continue Reading →

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