CadoMotus Omega Aerohelm wins Bike MOTION Award

The annual Bike MOTION Awards ceremony was held on the 2nd March 2018 in Utrect, Netherlands, and Admiral Liv AWOL are very pleased to announce that our sponsors CadoMotus, won the prestigous "Clothing/Shoes/Helmets" category with the design of their Omega Aero helmet. After an exciting voting period, and taking 59% of the vote, CadoMotus Omega Aero... Continue Reading →

Bike Review – Liv Envie

Now before any one thinks I have been made to write a review on the Liv Envie I haven’t. I am writing this off my own back. I used to swear by a certain Belgium bike brand up until this year. I used to have this conception that Liv bikes were just the easiest female... Continue Reading →

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