Victoria Lovett

The final rider to be announced to Admiral Liv AWOL team for 2018-2019, is the extremely talented former YRDP racer, Victoria Lovett.

Victoria Lovett - ØVB Junior Womens Road Race Winner 2016
Victoria Lovett – ØVB Junior Women’s Road Race Winner 2016

Victoria started cycling in 2013 and by the following year, she had started racing, having got into cycling because her Dad is a cyclist enthusiast. Having grown out of her mountain bike and with her birthday coming, while her Dad was watching some cycling on the telly, he thought she might fancy a road bike! With her own road bike, she was soon going on the local club rides with her Dad and then there was no stopping her. Maybe it’s the former competitive swimmer coming out the water and on to dry land that has given her a head start.

Victoria Lovett - 2nd Grand Prix Joseph Leboutte Junior
Victoria Lovett – 2nd Grand Prix Joseph Leboutte Junior

Her first win was Cricklade Kermesse as a first year Junior riding with I-Team Cyclists’ Club and her best result was coming 2nd in the Belgian Grand Prix Joseph Leboutte Junior road race as a second year Junior. Victoria has raced all over the UK, Belgium, Holland and even the Czech Republic, racing for both I-Team CC (The Internet Cyclists Club) more recently in 2018, YRDP.

Victoria who works part-time as a lifeguard gave us a little insight into her character and her ambitions, “I always have to have my nails painted for every race for luck. And looking forward to getting stuck into top-level racing, in particular, the OVO Energy Tour Series with the Admiral Liv AWOL team.”

Victoria’s previous teams/clubs include: YRDP and I-Team Cyclists’ Club

She will be riding Road and Track for Admiral Liv AWOL.

Check out her Instagram @victoria_lovett99

Victoria’s British Cycling Individual Points

Featured photo by Huw Williams


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