Lydia Watts

Lydia is a classic time trialist who has been in cycling since 2014. Previously she used to compete in athletics before she was introduced to cycling through her best friends’ parents. She joined the local club, Zappi’s cycling club, in 2015 and started racing a bit in the following year. Since her first race, Lydia has made steady progress in both time trials and road races.

2019 was Lydia’s first year as an U23, where she spent the majority of the year focusing on time trialling. She achieved a top 10 at the U23 British Time Trial Championships and in addition to this, she won several open Time Trials and achieved new PBs in various length courses.

Outside of cycling, Lydia studies Business Management at Aston University, where she has represented the university at several BUCS events in 2019 and achieved two top 10s. 

In 2020, Lydia is looking to once again target improvements in time trialling and she aims to improve on her result in the U23 national time trial championships. Lydia is also working to make some good performances in the national road series as she takes on some of these races for the first time.

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