CadoMotus Omega Aerohelm wins Bike MOTION Award

The annual Bike MOTION Awards ceremony was held on the 2nd March 2018 in Utrect, Netherlands, and Admiral Liv AWOL are very pleased to announce that our sponsors CadoMotus, won the prestigous “Clothing/Shoes/Helmets” category with the design of their Omega Aero helmet.


After an exciting voting period, and taking 59% of the vote, CadoMotus Omega Aero were announced winners in their category.

The CadoMotus Omega Aero bicycle helmet is a cross between skate helmet, aero bike helmet and time trial helmet. Uses three air channels on the inside. At the front air is passed through honeycombs. Combines minimal air resistance with maximum cooling.


From everyone at Admiral Liv AWOL, we’d like to send congratulations to our helmet supplier CadoMotus winning their innovation award.

If you would like to buy one of these super stylish and very good value helmets, or some of the other products they supply, including bike backpacks, then contact us directly. Click here for contact details and form.


For full details of the award (in Dutch) click here

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