New kit day! And latest results roundup

NEW KIT DAY! Woop! 🙇🏻‍♀️” was the Instagram message from new Liv AWOL rider, Charlotte Broughton, a couple of weeks ago. And she went on say, “Super excited for next season with my new London based team run by a great bunch of people who are beaming with positivity and love for our amazing sport! I’m really lucky to have been given the opportunity to help nurture and support junior riders to progress as riders/people on and off the bike; it’s definitely something I felt I missed out on when I was a junior and so could of benefitted from, therefore I really hope I can help these lovely young ladies to excel and develop 💞 also big thank you to the sponsors – I’m VERY excited to be back on a Liv Envie again this coming season! Last thing, please give the team a follow on all the various social media outlets to track our season and see what we are all getting up to! 🚴🏼‍♀️💃🏻”

Well everyone at Liv AWOL is equally excited to have Charlotte on the team, and as a leader and mentor both on and off the wheels. And she’s not just been taking selfie’s in the new kit. Charlotte has been in action on track in the Derby Arena Track League.

Charlotte Broughton warming up for Derby Track League (photo: Charlotte Broughton)
Charlotte Broughton warming up for Derby Track League (photo: Charlotte Broughton)

Other track news includes new Junior rider, Zoe Brookes has been riding in the Future Stars Revolution Track Meeting, while Hannah Graveney and Elizabeth Marvelly have both been competing in the London Youth Track League.

On the cyclo-cross front, it’s been another busy two weeks of racing with regionals and last weekend, the National Trophy Series convoy descending on Cyclopark in Gravesend for an exciting and enthralling round 4.

Charlotte McGreevy - London League at Cyclopark - 1st (photo: Phil Moir)
Charlotte McGreevy – London League at Cyclopark – 1st (photo: Phil Moir)

Round 9 of the London League was as a dress rehearsal for the organising team of the Cyclopark Nationals round, Connie Hayes finished 19th and Rosie Wallace 22nd in the Women’s race. 2nd and 3rd Juniors respectively. In the Youth race, Charlotte McGreevy continued to lay her mark on this age category with a solid win.

Meanwhile, Lauren Higham took the overall Women’s win (and obviously 1st Junior) at Round 10 of the Eastern League at Amis Velo Hilly Fields Supacross. And in Round 9 of the Central League at RAF Halton, Elizabeth Marvelly came in 9th overall and 1st Junior. Up North, Sarah Lomas was 2nd overall and 1st Senior at Round 8 of the Forme Notts & Derby League.

Emily Bridson, back home in Jersey in the weekend before Nationals, was on her mountain bike, taking 1st Overall and 1st Junior in the Jersey MTB XC.

Lauren Higham - Eastern League at Diss 1st
Lauren Higham – Eastern League at Diss 1st

Although most of the cross riders were having a rest day (or reccy day) prior to the Trophy Series round at Cyclopark, Lauren was making sure of her domination of the Eastern League women’s event and secured her 7th win out of 7 at Diss CC Suffolk Super Cross. And Elizabeth Marvelly took 10th overall at Round 10 of the Central League at Corley Cycle Cross, and 2nd placed Junior.

And so to round 4 of the National Trophy Series at Cyclopark in Gravesend. A huge amount of effort was put into designing and testing the course by Huw Williams, to make it challenging and fun in almost every way possible and it certainly didn’t disappoint, going by the post race reactions.

The course had a fast start on the road track, but chicanes added at the last minute ensured riders had to slow and split apart before they hit the first off road cambers. Hair pin, back down onto and across the road, few more bends the down to the track and a vicious little climb that caught so many riders out in the last metre.

Past the pits and then disappearing down the bottom of the park into a series of bends and weaving, eventually coming back on the other side of the pits via hurdles and a sand pit. In the Youth race, this was where Iona Moir took a full face plant, the first of two incidents that took its toll after a very promising start.

Beyond the pits came Cyclopark’s biggest challenge. A steep muddy split slope to take every last breath away from you, and then two cambered slopes and a sharp drop back down to the track before the finish. Iona came off hard again, and despite a dented bike, she managed to plough on to the end. Charlotte McGreevy rode the course really well and fast, and finished in 5th place. Great result, Charlotte!

The course also took it’s toll on Sarah Lomas and Connie Hayes, both suffering already from injury before the race, and had to pull out.

However, Lauren Higham and Emily Bridson fought on to the end of the Women’s race, securing 18th and 23rd overall. On Junior terms this was 6th and 10th respectively. Great result, great course, and a great event all round. Roll on Bradford (round 5) in a week’s time!

In other news, Liv AWOL wishes to congratulate Lauren Higham, for being nominated for Broxbourne Young Sports Personality of the Year Award 2017. We’re all really proud of her and to see her receiving this nomination is a fitting recognition to the successful season she has had. And still having!!

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