Being part of a team

Being part of Liv AWOL has opened so many doors this season that I never knew would ever be opened for me; having sponsorship Liv, AWOL London and the support from Giant Docklands, entry to prestigious events like Bedford 3 Day, and to be surrounded by our extraordinary team.

You hear many athletes saying this, and I will repeat it here; our team goes beyond the fabulous six riders that I have to privilege to ride alongside. Liv AWOL would not be existence if it wasn’t for the support of Giant Docklands, Pat Hayes as DS and all our parents that are always on the side-lines of every race despite the very typical British weather.

I mentioned earlier about riding the Bedford 3 Day. Those three days were full of opportunities to learn as a rider and as an athlete; This experience would not be possible without the team. The first race was a very short prologue, 3km; basically a flat out sprint. This has always been a weakness of mine however my Liv Envie made it easier (well, maybe faster as it really didn’t feel easy at all). This weekend was all timing – timing nutrition, timing warm ups, timing sleep and timing on General classification. With the help from our experienced DS I was able to just about make sense of it all and get my timings right.

rosie-wallaceWith five stages over three days, I was extremely exhausted by the final race and my aim was to get round remaining in one piece. A couple of months ago the team at Giant Docklands, spent a good amount of time ensuring my bike fit was perfect; making sure they didn’t forget anything regardless of how small it may have seemed. I was in the saddle for a total of 210km over the three days, yet my comfort on the bike was ensured. I would like to say thank you to the team at Giant Docklands for ensuring this.

In the next few weeks I have a exciting opportunities coming up – I have my first race in Belgium this upcoming weekend, London Nocturne on the 10th June, Team time trial and road race in Bourne, 8/9th July and then National Champs on the 16th. I give every race my best shot and I am always wanting to learn from each race, so I can go into the next a little bit stronger.

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