Bike Review – Liv Envie

Now before any one thinks I have been made to write a review on the Liv Envie I haven’t. I am writing this off my own back. I used to swear by a certain Belgium bike brand up until this year. I used to have this conception that Liv bikes were just the easiest female bike to get your hands on hence why a lot of people had them. However I soon realised otherwise. In fact the Liv may be easy to get hold of but this is clearly due to its brilliance.

The first thing I noticed when I raced my Envie was how it really is a sprinters machine. I found it felt so good to sprint on. It just felt so different to anything I had ever ridden. It is so stiff you really can not fault it. The frame is clearly really good quality and well built which is always a massive plus.

It is perfect for tight fast crit’s. The Liv Envie handles like an absolute dream. With a compact frame I felt at complete ease though tight crit bends which I hadn’t on previous bikes. The cut away down tube is not to unsimilar to most time trial bikes giving you the areo advantage which makes a massive difference.

I am not going to say that I didn’t pull faces at the areo breaks when I first saw them. My initial response was they look like cyclocross v brakes. However I strongly believe that they are the strongest non disc breaks out there. I am not known for being one good at mechanics but I find them so easy to use when taking wheels on and off. the barrel adjuster is so straight forward to use you can easily adjust them so that you get the perfect set up.

To any women looking for a new race bike I would genuinely recommend a Liv Envie. In my opinion they are the best women’s bikes currently on the market.

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